Our Story

The Watford City Area Lutheran Perish was started in the summer f 1906, when several women, herding cattle, got together for “Ladies Aid.” This small group grew to a prominent service group, raising money for the Red Cross, the local school, Nursing home, Boy’s Ranch, Bible camps and more. The group began to serve the food pantry, hospital, missionaries, and Lutheran World Relief. This heart of service continues to be their foundation and vision today: “God’s work, our hands.” [insert an old black and white picture of people serving next to a present ay picture]
The first congregational gathering was then born in the country in the summer of 1907, at the home of Gust Peterson. Several families, who migrated from the Scandinavian countries, recognized their need to fellowship together in Christ. In the following years, several other home-churches formed until, in 1915, 6 different Lutheran campuses were established. [Insert an old black and white picture of Banks]

Watford City Area Lutheran Parish - ELCA
The Congregations of First, Banks and Garden
First Lutheran - Church & Office:  212 2nd St NW
PO Box 441 - Watford City, ND 58854 - 701-444-3244